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Welcome to the official website for Sun Sync Nutrition. Sun Sync is an eating science grounded in the understanding that all life depends on the world's largest energy source, the sun. It has been proven that our human bodies have a natural rhythm aligned with the rise & fall of the sun. We call this rhythm our Circadian Rhythm. It has also been proven that many other life forms, including land-dwelling animals and plants have a Circadian Rhythm affected by the sun.

We are just beginning to understand the depth of our relationship with the sun, which Atom Bergstrom, founder of Sun Sync Nutrition has been researching for decades. Through Atom's vigilant research, he has re-discovered the importance the sun has, not only on our sleeping cycle, but also on our eating, fitness, and lifestyle habits.

Sun Sync maintains that food timing is critical to experience superior health. By knowing WHEN to eat WHAT, your body becomes in sync with the solar cycles and natural rhythms of the earth. When you are in sync, you experience weight optimization, increased energy levels, balanced hormone levels, strengthened immunity, and an overall sense of well-being. Even if you are currently eating a healthy diet, abundant in raw, organic foods, applying the principles of Sun Sync will optimize your body's ability to absorb and utilize nutrients in the most efficient manner. And just as every human works with the sun, the principles behind Sun Sync work for every human.

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In 2005, I was diagnosed with Guillane-Barre Syndrome, which left me completely paralyzed (I even lost the ability to speak or move my eyelids) and in a life threatening condition for several weeks. With Divine grace and unyielding determination , I not only survived but also experienced a complete recovery within one year. When I look back, I consider Guillane-Barre Syndrome to have been a blessing because it inspired my journey to understand the human body, explore ways to prevent disease and to find the secrets to maintain optimal health & wellness.

Since 2005, I have spent my time reading hundreds of books, various medical journals, thousands of articles and experimenting with a variety of health & fitness regimens. I've tried organic, clean foods; raw food, blood & nutritional type, paleo and elimination diets (dairy, sugar, gluten) diets; fasting; cleanses; supplements; personal training; P90X; rebounding; and more. And though I felt GREAT, the healthiest I've felt in my life, I also began to feel as though I peaked.

And then I was introduced to the teachings of Atom Bergstrom. The wisdom he shared about living a sun-centered lifestyle resonated with me, and the research I read substantiating his teachings prompted me to try to apply the principles of Sun Sync Nutrition. I was pleased to learn that Sun Sync complemented my core beliefs of maintaining a diet of organic and raw nutrient dense foods and an active lifestyle.

Though I began my journey with Sun Sync Nutrition as a mild skeptic, unconvinced that I could experience an even greater level of health by "simply" aligning with the rhythms of the sun, I soon realized the power behind the principles of Sun Sync. Sun Sync isn't just a diet for better health; it is a lifestyle for a better life, a life in harmony with nature.

I have been following the principles of Sun Sync Nutrition for one year and have experienced the following lifestyle improvements:

Increased energy and decreased need for sleep (I used to sleep 8-9 hours prior to Sun Sync, now I am sleeping 6-7 hours with even more energy)
. Increased strength,stamina and ability to complete extremely challenging workout regimes with relative ease
. Increased focus and concentration aiding in my meditation practices
. Increased vitality and zest for life
. Feeling calmer, more at ease with less aggression, and more connected with the natural rhythms of life

Perhaps what I appreciate most about Sun Sync is that ALL foods are embraced and recognized for their potential health benefits if consumed at the proper time. Sun Sync doesn't require a sacrifice of food, time, energy, extreme dietary regiments or expensive supplements, and anyone who is willing to commit to a mind-ful practice of eating certain foods at certain times can be successful. A little dedication, persistence, and mindfulness is all it takes to experience profound wellbeing with Sun Sync.

I will continue to follow Sun Sync for God-permitting my very long life, and I am thankful to Atom Bergstrom for dedicating his very long life to the research, promotion and expansion of this powerful science.
- Guru Angisetty

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