Solar Time Calculator

Solar Time Calculator

What is Solar Time?

Solar time is time measured by the Sun, and its 24-hour division, the day, has been recognized and used since the dawn of recorded history. Watch time assumes an even progression for Earth's planetary rotation, without wobbles or precession of the polar axis. However, it is known that wobbling occurs and there is variability in the rotation of the earth throughout the months of the year. Watch time is a "mean time" based on the length of an average day and solar time has to correct for this "mean time" approximation. Hence, solar time is an accurate reflection of time according to our planetary cycle and circadian rhythms, while watch time is a modified version to fit the lifestyle and convenience of modern society.

Why is it important to calculate solar time?

When biological time synchronizes with solar time, high-level wellness and maximum lifespan is the outcome. Any disease from A to Z is caused by Biological Mistiming. Scientists call Biological Mistiming big long fancy names like desynchronosis, dysrhythmia, dyschrony, etc. Sun Sync Nutrition keeps is simple: work with your body's natural rhythms dictated by solar time to experience profound physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Solar time keeps your engine running.

"Timing Your Engine For Performance And Economy" was the name of an article in Popular Mechanics magazine. This also holds true for your body: "Timing Your Body For Performance And Economy." Timing your engine extends the life span of your car, just as timing your body extends the life span of your body. Follow solar time and enhance the efficiency and longevity of your engine.

Solar Time Calculator

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