Photons For Sale

Off-grid living is frowned on by the Surveillance State. <> In 2019, the Cali-fool-ya government sweet talked people into going solar with promises, promises, promises ... "The California Solar Initiative (CSI) is a solar rebate program for California residents who purchase their power serv... Read More

Three Measurements

The only valid test I know to accurately measure selenium is in (1) the red blood cells and (2) the blood serum and (3) the total of both. Without knowing these THREE measurements there is no way to know if your selenium deficiency is quantitative or qualitative. Many "deficiencies" are actual... Read More


According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty), light can't go beyond the Fourth Realm ... "Darkness is the savings account. Light is the checking account. Darkness is the reserve reservoir of all potential forces in a state of suspension. Before the spark of the bullet, a click must be heard. Talki... Read More