Dogs & Yellow Fat Disease

Acute Yellow Fat Disease is rarer in dogs than chronic Yellow Fat Disease. Chronic Yellow Fat Disease is subclinical — without severe or readily observable symptoms. Biological aging is closely associated — almost-but-not-quite synonymous — with Broad-Spectrum Yellow Fat Disease. Chro... Read More

Ears & Yellow Fat Disease

Lipofuscin accumulates in the ears as well as many other parts of the body. It's the cause of Broad-Spectrum Yellow Fat Disease (cumulative lipofuscinosis). <> Lipofuscin is often associated with "aging," but I beg to differ. It's not the length of the journey that breaks us down — it'... Read More

How to Yawn #15

Saturated fat is structured carbon dioxide combined with structured water. Maybe you know about structured water, but have you heard about structured carbon dioxide? <> The mathematics of weight loss is worked out in a TED Talk by Ruben Meerman (published Oct. 10, 2013). The chemical for... Read More