Anemia For Dummies

Iron deficiency anemia does exist, contrary to some "experts." However, there are VARIOUS other types of anemia too, most of them associated with the Fourth Period of the Periodic Table of the Elements. Is calcium in red blood cells? Yes. Is titanium in red blood cells? Yes. Is vanadium ... Read More

Mesmeric Power

Mesmerism has much in common with the "pseudoscience" of Applied Kinesiology (AK). If AK is really "pseudoscience," why do law enforcement agencies and armed forces all over the world use it to disable and apprehend suspects? What say you, Wikipedia, you biased online piece of medical propagan... Read More

Qualitative Copper

Copper is easily obtainable QUANTITATIVELY, but not so much QUALITATIVELY. For example, according to A.E. Cass and H.A. Hill (1980), not even counting copper enzymes ... Copper proteins "in Group I contain a single copper ion in an approximately tetrahedral environment with nitrogen and sulphu... Read More