Who Is Cyberspace

Re: Headache remedy? Already tried aspirin. Headache is a symptom of hundreds of conditions. There is no disease called "headache." Know the source and follow the clues with a differential diagnosis ... Asthma? Heart disease? Constipation? Depression? Eyestrain? Tight neck and/or shoulde... Read More

The Yin & Yang Of CO2

Re: I knew this guy people called “Mole”. He was called that because he slept with his head under the covers. A side effect of sleeping with your head under the covers is "turtle headache." It’s caused by a combination of … 1) hypoxia — inadequate oxygen 2) hypercapnia — excess... Read More

Iron Sulfate Overload

IRON is King of Metals. CALCIUM is Queen. <> Iron is the midpoint between FUSION and FISSION. The explosive power of the H-BOMB comes from the FUSION of lighter atoms into heavier ones up to iron-56. The explosive power of the A-BOMB comes from the FISSION of heavier atoms into lighte... Read More

Potty Timing

In the American diet, 45% of the dry weight of a stool is mucus, 45% is bacteria, 3% is dietary fiber, and 7% is undigested food. I'm an ex-super duper pooper scooper who took X-rays of the large intestine. The "museum colon" illustrated in anatomy books is extremely rare because the average c... Read More