Armed to the Teeth

Anger energizes the arms and jaw. "He's heavily armed." "He's in the Army." "He's armed to the teeth." "He's shouldering arms." "He's got a tight jaw and a jaw jut." <> "Anger management" issues can destroy your teeth. Teeth grinding and jaw clenching at night is a common way... Read More

One, Two, Three, Four

What's the Internet's solution to the Yin Yang Opposition? The "Like" button. The "Like" button safeguards that a "User" receives "similar content," not alternative content. When searching for something in cyberspace, most folks don't have a clue that they're in an echo chamber. They're ... Read More

Transgenic DHA & EPA

Natural or transgenic, omega 3 fatty acids create lipofuscin stress pigments, the building blocks of Yellow Fat Disease. Lipofuscin is the "classical age or stress pigment," and lipopigments are the "end products of lipid peroxidation." Natural or transgenic, Yellow Fat Disease (cumulative lip... Read More