Earth Is a 24-Hour Clock

Re: Well, a huge change has happened for me and I’ve moved from Portland, OR USA to Melbourne, Australia. Now that I’m living here in Melbourne I'm not sure when the “zones” take place during the day. For instance, it states that Zone 1 is from 12am-12pm, Zone 2 is 12pm-6pm, and Zone 3 is 6p... Read More

Body Dowsing Is Simple

No muscle testing is involved in Body Dowsing. You don't go to the muscle. The muscle stress response comes to you. There's no technology. Body Dowsing is as easy as feeling a pulse. READING a pulse takes skill. FEELING a pulse takes zero skill (unless your arms are paralyzed). Interpret... Read More

Are You the One?

The following was posted on Facebook ... "When you find out you are deeply immersed in a simulation and you'd prefer to avoid a schizophrenia diagnosis by muggles who don't know you're an immortal multidimensional entity." Underneath the text was the picture of a man reading a book titled, "Ho... Read More