Cooking the Lungs

Invasive ventilator intervention was a major cause of death over the last four years. The Hunger Games have just begun. Be prepared for much more feces to hit the rotary oscillator. <> According to Elon Musk (Joe Rogan and Elon Musk podcast #2054, Oct. 31, 2023) ... "A lot of deaths desc... Read More

Morning Sickness

Re: "The cause of what is commonly referred to as 'morning sickness' is due to the pregnant person's sensitivity to a hormone called GDF15. The hormone is produced by the fetus in the placenta and rises a lot during pregnancy." The Medical Police State never stops spewing out bullshit. And Sheep-... Read More

Power From the Sun

According to Swami Nitty-Gritty, the self-identified Kit Carson of the Aquarian Age ... "This environment came before you, and in the process was an INVESTITURE, and the investiture goes, 'Go forth and multiply.' That's after you have the breath given to you. You realize that the breath is give... Read More

Diet & Cancer

We eat low on the food chain and especially walk big circles around a keto diet. According to The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, Sept. 1920 ... "Aborigines, living simple lives, largely vegetarians, have been shown by any number of observers, in many lands, to be almost if no... Read More

Ordinary Ailments

Beverley Robinson, M.D. ("Some So-called Advances in the Practice of Medicine," Medical Record, Jun. 5, 1920) wrote ... "My observations would go to show that very refined diagnoses are of decidedly greater interest to the research worker than they are to the all-around practitioner or, in final ... Read More