We Live In The Matrix

We live in The Matrix and our Owners know more about how it works than the mass or multitude of ordinary people. Our unconscious is in control, and the most unconscious people are the ones who think they are most conscious. Those who think they have swallowed the Red Pill are hopelessly addict... Read More

Sponsored Sickness

The word "placebo" is misinterpreted. Doctors think it means you "think" you're cured, but you're really not. This is because these white-coated useful idiots believe in Matter over Mind. They consign Mind to the trivial and Matter to the paramount. According to Ralph Waldo Emerson ... "... Read More

NO For Nitric Oxide

I've already dissed nitric oxide (NO) in at least half-a-dozen other One Radio Network blogs. Ray Peat has the most data about its downside. <> Everything written below applies to nitric oxide too. Nitrate oxidizes the ferrous form of hemoglobin (oxyhemoglobin) in the blood into the ferr... Read More


Statuvolence is auto-Mesmerism. Almost all statuvolists (auto-Mesmerists) are hypnotized or Mesmerized into a state of statuvolence. But that doesn't mean you can't self-Mesmerize yourself into being a self-Mesmerist (statuvolist). It's time to flex your WILL POWER and IMAGINATION. Are y... Read More

Control? Or Self-Control?

If "they" can control us, why can't we control ourselves? If "they" can fix us, why can't we fix ourselves? <> Charles Oliver Sahler, M.D. ("How to Control a Subject," The Hypnotic Magazine, Jan. 1897) wrote ... "The first attempt to hypnotize the subject is the most difficult. If you ca... Read More