Project Green Run

In 1949, Project Green Run (at the Hanford nuclear site in Washington state) deliberately released 8,000 curies of radioactive iodine-131 into the environment over a 2-day period. Some conservative estimates cite 5,000 curies. <> Teri Hein (Atomic Farmgirl: Growing Up Right in the Wrong Pla... Read More

Solar Box Ovens

It's time to get off the grid. If you can't do it big-time, start a little at a time. "Life Is hard by the yard but a cinch by the inch." <> According to eighth-graders Tasmia & Wendy (participating in a 2012 science fair project .. "Horace de Saussure made the first solar box oven, and ... Read More

Mesmeric Sleep Waking

Mesmerism is common in politics. It's also common in romances and doctor-patient relationships. It's common in landlord-tenant relationships. Be careful WHO you see or hear and how often you see or hear them. <> Chauncy Hare Townshend (Facts in Mesmerism, with Reasons for a Dispassion... Read More

The Hive Mind

We're all trapped inside the Hive Mind to a greater or lesser extent. The greatest obstacle to Free Choice is thinking you already have Free Choice. The only cell in the body that has Free Choice is a cancer cell. <> Agent Smith tells Morpheus in The Matrix (1999) ..." "Every mammal o... Read More

Mental Epidemics

All of us are born breathing and crying into the Matrix — governed by Crowd Unconsciousness till offered the Red Pill. Most people settle for the Blue Pill and an iPhone. Humans are settlers, and they settle in crowds by definition. Our Information Age (information without intelligence) i... Read More