The Nitric Oxide Scam

The worldwide Medical Police State serves Moloch and Mammon, not Joe Lunchpail and Sally Housecoat. Case in point — NITRIC OXIDE. In 1992, nitric oxide was declared "the molecule of the year." Previously, the free radical nitric oxide was a major villain in smog. Today's beaker boys bl... Read More

Zirconium Is Anabolic

Zirconium is atomic element number 40 of the Periodic Table, one of the "eight trace elements" of Solar Nutrition Four. Zirconium has 5 energy levels: 2 electrons in the first and inside level, 8 electrons in the second level, 18 electrons in the third level, 10 electrons in the fourth level, and... Read More

Fibro-Fatty Nodules

Re: What do you think about subfascial fat herniation? I feel like the princess in the "princess and the pea" story. What might be causing this fat tissue? How can I get rid of it without any operation, anesthetics, bag full of money, etc. I need to make it dissolve or disappear. I learned how to... Read More

Anemia For Dummies

Iron deficiency anemia does exist, contrary to some "experts." However, there are VARIOUS other types of anemia too, most of them associated with the Fourth Period of the Periodic Table of the Elements. Is calcium in red blood cells? Yes. Is titanium in red blood cells? Yes. Is vanadium ... Read More