Walrus Versus Whaleboat

Walrus livers and kidneys were Eskimo delicacies, but walrus hunting was dangerous business. Walruses are peaceful and sociable unless you mess with them. <> A polar bear would kill a walrus on land, but a walrus would kill a polar bear in the water. A polar bear can swim for days, dog-p... Read More

Compost On Top

Gary Matsuoka, according to his resume, is "a professional horticulturist dedicated to educating people about a variety of topics, including the ideal soil, how to care for certain plants, the right fruit trees for someone's area, and much more." <> According to Gary Matsuoka ... "In those ... Read More

Soil Sucked Into Food

Soils are depleted ... but NOT the food we eat. How is this possible? The nutrients are sucked out of the soil and INTO the food. You'd never buy a nutrient-depleted food unless you were starving (a possibility thanks to the Biden Crime Family). <> According to Dr. Google ... "Magnesi... Read More