Mesmeric Power

Mesmerism has much in common with the "pseudoscience" of Applied Kinesiology (AK). If AK is really "pseudoscience," why do law enforcement agencies and armed forces all over the world use it to disable and apprehend suspects? What say you, Wikipedia, you biased online piece of medical propagan... Read More

Qualitative Copper

Copper is easily obtainable QUANTITATIVELY, but not so much QUALITATIVELY. For example, according to A.E. Cass and H.A. Hill (1980), not even counting copper enzymes ... Copper proteins "in Group I contain a single copper ion in an approximately tetrahedral environment with nitrogen and sulphu... Read More

Do Plants Need Copper?

Re: How can you tell if a plant is deprived of copper? Muhammad Shahbaz, Karl Ravet, Graham Peers, & Marinus Pilon ("Prioritization of copper for the use in photosynthetic electron transport in developing leaves of hybrid poplar," Frontiers in Plant Science, Jun. 3, 2015) wrote ... "Copper (Cu... Read More

Exploding Pyrex Bowls

Re: Is there any way to identify whether the Vision Corning cookware I have is made of "new" or "old" Pyrex? I use mine as my primary cookware to fry eggs, make soups, bake, etc. The bad news is only an expert can tell. The switchover from borosilicate to soda-lime glass started happening in the ... Read More