Prosperity Consciousness

A woman bought her friend a Mind Hacking session with me as a birthday gift. Whenever a client is "second hand" — doesn't ask me for a session themselves — I don't do anything to directly help them get well. Why? My mentor Adano Ley told me I'd "get" their karma. Karma is transferred vi... Read More

American Spring Time!

YouTube/WHOTube has removed thousands of videos to try to shut down the AMERICAN SPRING. Yes, it's AMERICAN SPRING TIME in the U.S.A. !!!!! <> According to YouTube/WHOTube ... "We have clear policies that prohibit videos promoting medically unsubstantiated methods to prevent the coronavi... Read More

Fat-Holding Pigment #3

According to Paul Bragg (1895-1976) ... "Nerve Depression means the shutting off of the nerve flow from the reservoirs, just as you would stop the water flow in a garden hose by stepping on it." <> David H. Dolley & Frances V. Guthrie ("The Pigmentation of Nerve Cells," The Journal of Medic... Read More