Dates For Diabetes?

Dates are not only an allowable food for diabetics; they reduce blood glucose. <> Hyder Osman Mirghani ("Dates fruits effects on blood glucose among patients with diabetes mellitus: A review and meta-analysis," Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, Jul.-Aug. 2021) wrote ... "Date fruit is k... Read More

Living On Dates

We're omnivores. We can eat everything from soup to nuts, from algae to zebras, from tree bark to woolly mammoths, from ants to dates. <> Henry Thomas Buckle (History of Civilization in England, Vol. 1, 1857) wrote ... "If we inquire into the most important circumstances which concerned ... Read More

Not Rocket Science

Re: Your Mind Hacking is more like measuring heart rate or pupil reflexes that does not require the therapist testing skill and awareness of complicating factors to monitor against various challenges by foods, supplements, or thoughts and emotions. Heart rate and pupil reflexes are far too compli... Read More