Minding Psoriasis

According to The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology (2016), "Patients with psoriasis may have a high prevalence of several mental disorders. A case-controlled study conducted by Kumar et al reported that 84 percent of patients with psoriasis had psychiatric comorbidities, a prevalence tha... Read More

Minding Eczema

According to Ray Peat, the *physical* causes of eczema are endotoxin, serotonin. and low thyroid. Be careful if you choose his most radical remedies — novocaine with rubbing alcohol. Life and Death begin and end in the colon. Three bowel movements a day discourage all skin problems. The "usu... Read More

Acid-Alkaline HOLISM

When quantifying the acid-base values of cooked meat, measuring the liquid it's cooked in will only reveal what was siphoned out of the meat, not what was left behind inside the meat. Measuring blood, urine, and saliva not only gives you just partial info about the ENTIRE body's acid-base status,... Read More

Red Light Rejuvenation

Incandescent red light photo-rejuvenation works better than red laser or LED lights for wound and burn healing, skin rejuvenation, mitochondrial and collagen stimulation, acne, rosacea, poison remediation, etc. <> Broad spectrum red light therapy is the highest choice (570-1,300 nanometers) ..... Read More