The Yin & Yang Of CO2

Re: I knew this guy people called “Mole”. He was called that because he slept with his head under the covers. A side effect of sleeping with your head under the covers is "turtle headache." It’s caused by a combination of … 1) hypoxia — inadequate oxygen 2) hypercapnia — excess... Read More

Iron Sulfate Overload

IRON is King of Metals. CALCIUM is Queen. <> Iron is the midpoint between FUSION and FISSION. The explosive power of the H-BOMB comes from the FUSION of lighter atoms into heavier ones up to iron-56. The explosive power of the A-BOMB comes from the FISSION of heavier atoms into lighte... Read More

Potty Timing

In the American diet, 45% of the dry weight of a stool is mucus, 45% is bacteria, 3% is dietary fiber, and 7% is undigested food. I'm an ex-super duper pooper scooper who took X-rays of the large intestine. The "museum colon" illustrated in anatomy books is extremely rare because the average c... Read More

The Vegetarian Vampire

Iron is the most important metal in the cosmos. Hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen are not metals. Iron-56 is the only completely non-radioactive element in the cosmos. (Nickel-56 is the exception to the rule, but it's too sparse to make a difference.) Iron-56 is the MID-POINT betwee... Read More