Reset Or Revolution?

Is 2021 the year of The Great Reset or The Great Resistance? Sovereign individuals are outnumbered by The Cloud Mind — the World Economic Forum's "Global Solidarity." <> Re: We Can Do This Together! We? You got a mouse in your pocket? <> The entire Medical Police State must be SH... Read More

The Truman Doctrine

Globalism metastasized during the Truman Administration. The Truman Doctrine needed a propaganda arm. One World Order bureaucrats created the Office of Public Information in January, 1943, supervised by John Sloan Dickey (1907-1991). <> According to Wikipedia (last updated Jun. 11, 2020)... Read More

Pax Americana

The Great Reset started at the Harvard Kennedy School in America in 1936, and metastasized shortly after the assassination of Franklin D. Roosevelt (April 12, 1945). Amir Taheri ("From Truman to Trump: The Rise and Fall of a Paradigm," Asharq Al-Awsat, Oct. 12, 2012) wrote ... "The globalizati... Read More