Like Balances Like

According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) ... "Homeopathy is a like balanced by a like. Allopathy is an opposite balanced by an opposite." <> Adano showed us a homeopathic remedy for a common cold. Dip a raw onion in and out of a glass of distilled water, and drink the water. <> ... Read More

Hormesis (Homeopathy)

Hormesis is the medical name for homeopathy. The Bad Men in White Coats will never admit Samuel Hahnemann was right all along. <> Daniel P. Hayes ("Nutritional Hormesis and Aging," Dose-Response, Nov. 16, 2009) wrote ... "Hormesis has been suggested to explain the paradox that plant food... Read More

Colors & Germs

Germs can manufacture color or remove it. <> According to "Color-Eating Germs Blamed for Fading Hues" (Popular Mechanics, Oct. 1928) ... "Why colors fade, even though they may pass the usual light, damp and acid tests, has been solved by the analyzing microscope. The answer is a color-eati... Read More

Sensibility to Temperature

According to Adano Christopher Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) ... "The head is the base of the thermometer. The spinal fluid is the mercurial measurement. The dead man is cold. Everything runs back into the head at death. Pseudo or placebo death is in the solar plexus." <> Phillip Bokiniec, et. a... Read More

Pain Compared to Cold

Vibrant Gal and I were driving to the farmers' market. "Watch out for deer," I said. "It's the kind of day when they're out and about." We hadn't seen any deer for several months, and I wondered why I said what I did. "It's the kind of day? What kind of day?" I thought. "Why did I say that?... Read More