A Stony Mass of Feces

One guy didn't crap for a year. Surgeons removed a 100-pound fecalith (petrified turd). "A fecalith is a stone made of feces. It is a hardening of feces into lumps of varying size and may occur anywhere in the intestinal tract but is typically found in the colon. It is also called appendicolit... Read More

Cod Liver Oil Abuse

In one of my twelve Yellow Fat Disease e-books, I included medically documented cases of Yellow Fat Disease (Waxy Liver Disease) being caused by COD LIVER OIL (Friedrich Theodor Frerichs, M.D., A Clinical Treatise on Diseases of the Liver, Vol. 2, 1879). Dr. Frerichs (1819-1885) was a German path... Read More