Black Pepper

Re: What bad effects might black pepper cause? It's a carcinogen and precipitates gall stones. The safrole and tannins need a co-factor from above or below to "finish the job." Remember when sassafras was illegal because of the carcinogenic safrole? Black pepper has twice as much safrole... Read More

Medical Tyranny

According to Alex Jones ... "If you're ever going to have a world government — a corporate world government — the best way to do it is build it around medicine, because people tend to submit to medical tyranny." <> According to Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) ... "The wish to have a d... Read More

Bugs In Bombs

Biological warfare was banned by the Geneva Protocol of 1925, but shift happens. <> Japanese soldiers killed half a million Chinese soldiers and civilians (and Japanese test subjects) with biological and chemical weapons — dropping anthrax and plague flea bombs, adding cholera virus into the... Read More