Percent Is a Statistic

According to Wikipedia ... The human body is composed of 65% Oxygen 18.5% Carbon 9.5% Hydrogen 3.2% Nitrogen 1.5% Calcium 1.0% Phosphorus 0.4% Potassium 0.3% Sulfur 0.2% Sodium 0.2% Chlorine 0.2% Magnesium <> Who's human body did the beaker boys measure to get these percentages... Read More

CO2 & the Diamond Body

According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) ... "Carbon dioxide is suffused throughout you. It is excess gas but the necessary principle within you." "Carbon dioxide controls death and eternal functioning." "The carbon dioxide in a baby's first dump is a print-out of the life's karma." "... Read More

Adano & the Master Of Taan

Some folks think Swami Nadabrahmananda (1896-1993) was the greatest Nāda Yogi (Master of Taan) of all time (or, at least, modern time). Taan is the Yogic science of vocal and anatomical vibration. <> Swami Nadabrahmananda had the unique ability to emit sound from almost anywhere on or in h... Read More

Gourmet Pond Scum?

Re: Are there any sources of "clean" Spirulina that you can recommend? Besides benefiting recovery from cancer, are there any other particular conditions that Spirulina is especially good for? On-the-scene observation is the only way to know for sure how "clean" or "pure" any product is. The l... Read More