Essential Trace Copper

Re: What do we need copper for, Atom? It would take an encyclopedia to answer that question. As a partial answer, here's an abridged and edited version of an entry in Butterflies Need No Taxidermist ... copper — (chemical symbol Cu), atomic element number 29 of the Periodic Table, one of ... Read More

Oysters & Copper?

Re: Can someone explain why Ray Peat allows oysters? Don't they have omega 3s? Ray Peat knows it's impossible to eliminate omega 3 fatty acids. You can only MINIMIZE them. According to him (2015) ... "Eating low-fat seafood (sole, whitefish, turbot, scallops, oysters, lobster, shrimp, sq... Read More


Can We the People hijack the noosphere/Skynet as in the movie The Lawnmower Man? I performed my first experiment this week with what I've named Robo-VooDeism. Was Monday a coincidence, a synchronicity, a psychic insight, or did I really affect the environment or did I tap into some kind of uni... Read More