Time To Go Home

Taylorism was a foregone conclusion of the Occidental obsession with time management. The West's obsessional “time-saving” mindset was supercharged by the “time and motion” studies of Frederick Winslow Taylor (1856-1915). <> Frederick Winslow Taylor (Scientific Management, 1911) wro... Read More

Fork to Mouth Disease

Re: If we have Yellow Fat Disease, how do we start dismantling it? Which is your best resource to start with? Simple steps? Easy as pie. Only one step. Minimize omega 3 fatty acids. It IS more complicated if you're in a hospital or nursing home being fed through a tube. The complicated vers... Read More

Protein + Glucose #2

Protein poisoning is caused by excessive protein minus carbs and fat. Drinking too much water makes a bad situation worse. <> Elmer Verner McCollum (The Newer Knowledge of Nutrition: The Use of Food for the Preservation of Vitality and Health, 1922) wrote ... "When the animals were chang... Read More

Protein + Glucose

Meat by itself drops blood sugar. Ditto eggs. <> According to Ray Peat (Dec. 18, 2012) ... "Eating protein by itself can cause a big surge of cortisol. Preceding the protein with some carbohydrate makes the protein go farther, otherwise under the influence of cortisol a lot of protein is us... Read More

Omega 3 Conspiracy

If linolenic acids (omega 3 fatty acids) are so "good" for us, why are corporations competing to remove them from soybeans? They autoxidize (peroxidize) too quickly, that's why. <> Monsanto and Pioneer are the leading contenders in the global low linolenic (LL) soybean and soy oil markets. ... Read More