Stress and excess alkalinity cause hyperventilation — over-breathing. Over-breathing causes carbon dioxide depletion in the blood. Low carbon dioxide levels lead to low oxygen levels in the blood and throughout the body. Carbon dioxide drives oxygen deeper into the body ... into the cells... Read More

The Stomach In Motion

Anxiety, worry, and/or annoyance can easily delay or stop stomach peristalsis. Simple annoyance often causes bile to defy gravity and be retropulsed upwards into the stomach. It's easy for fat to do this since it floats on water. <> Robert Coleman Kent, M.D. (Stomach, Intestines, and Pan... Read More

Atonic Stomach

Constant snacking? It can cause a pendulous stomach that hangs down to the crotch. (Seriously! It's more common than you think.) Overeating can do the same. <> Taking baking soda with meals? Routinely, it can hinder peristalsis and also create a pendulous stomach. <> The stomach... Read More