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The Flu World Order

The "Corona Crisis" is nothing but a common cold. So why all the fuss? It's about the Great Reset and the push for a worldwide Medical Police State. And it's working. The Sheep-Bots are falling for it hook, line, and jab in the arm. Baa. Baa. Baa. <> It's the New Normal. Acco... Read More

Turn Off the Faucet

Vaccinations are not the problem. The vaccinators are the problem. The Medical Police State (Medical Nemesis) is the problem. Why mop up the floor when you can turn off the faucet? <> Forced vaccinations are a product of the Medical Police State. You can't punish a product. You ... Read More

Loving Neverland

Michael Jackson fans hate Santa Barbara County. A classic example of Fake News is what the tabloids did to Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Hollywood couldn't tolerate a Black man who owned half the music industry. <> Santa Barbara is Hollywood North (Google it!), and law enforcement is... Read More