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All Life Is Action

According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) ... "The voice is like a bullet. The mouth is like a gun. You can point it inwardly or outwardly. The non-realized person is always making fantasy statements. Wise men are in a greater bind of self-discipline. Not knowing the consequences of his voice, ... Read More

More One World Order

Don't hate the player. Hate The Game. I didn't mean to demonize Reverend Samuel Zane Barren in my June 7th blog. Many eugenicists meant well (while causing harm). They were products of their time and cultural milieu. <> According to Reverend Barren ... "If the nations would have real ... Read More

One World Order

Re: They can't make it a law, only a strong suggestion as I understand it. It's a strong suggestion with a $250 fine for not obeying the strong suggestion. Does that mean no jail when you refuse to pay the fine? Or when you get caught not wearing a mask 22 times? $5,500? When a warrant i... Read More