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Emanuel Revici, M.D.

Emanuel Revici, M.D. (1896-1998) saved many lives ... but admitted some were too far gone or beyond his technology. I haven't "interpreted" his technology, just read his textbook over and over ... and over ... and over ... and over ... and over ... and other books and papers by and about him (inc... Read More

Vitamin D Trickery

I get lots of vitamin D by exposing my food to sunlight. I don't need the weaponized version. <> Re: What happens when I'm low in vitamin D? Mostly likely someone in a white coat measured it in your blood serum and not in your fat cells where it belongs. All vitamin D isn't created eq... Read More

Seeds Of Cancer

Alvin (not his real name) had a brain tumor surgically removed. His skull had been cut wide open, looking something like the retractable hard top on a 1957 Ford Skyliner convertible! I met Alvin and his mother Celine (not her real name) at a health convention in Pasadena. We hadn't seen eac... Read More

Sunlight & Vitamin D

In 1913, agricultural scientists found that hay dried in direct sunlight fed to goats in indoor cages kept them from developing osteoporosis by increasing their assimilation of calcium. More and more grains and other food crops were found to do the same. This was two decades before vitamin D w... Read More