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Sleep-Walking Through Life

Our subconscious minds glom onto the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Most people sleep-walk around in a zombie-like trance, thinking their conscious minds are front and center, making all their decisions from Pure Practical Reason — the Kantian "reason that drives actions without any sense depende... Read More

Shouldering Arms

Lana (not her real name) had a painful shoulder. Body Dowsing discovered the reason — the Cause of the Cause of the Cause. <> Lana and her business partner built a successful company from the ground up. She had an affair with him, and he told his wife. His wife started working with ... Read More

Body Dowsing Feet & Neck

Shirley (not her real name) had two major stresses in her life. Weekly Body Dowsing sessions monitored both of them. Typically, I'd "figure eight" Shirley's feet a few times, and say, "What's going on with your husband?" "How can you tell that?" Shirley would exclaim Or, the next week, I... Read More