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Global Food Fraud

Let's demand LIFE imprisonment for food fraud. Governments already do that for illegal drugs, weapons, and slavery. It's a crap-shoot when you buy from people you don't know. The larger the company, the more lax local, national, and international government authorities and bureaucrats are abou... Read More

Biotech & Nanotech

ALL PROCESSED FOOD will soon be mutated by biotech and nano-tech. We have several nanofabrication facilities right here in Santa Barbara County — a spearhead for the Medical Police State and beaker boy criminals. <> According to MDPI (a publisher of open source journals) ... "Nanotechn... Read More

Raw Brown Sugar

Raw brown sugar is illegal in the U.S. except for animal feed. Raw blond sugar (medium-size crystals) is legal but problematical. <> According to Dr. Google (and the doc is correct) ... "All sugar is somewhat refined — truly unrefined sugar is illegal and not available for purchase." ... Read More