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How to Yawn #5

Fred Cicetti ("Here's Why You Yawn," Live Science, May 29, 2014) wrote ... "Yawns seem to be caused by chemicals in the brain — serotonin, dopamine, glutamic acid and nitric oxide. The more of these compounds activated in the brain, the greater the frequency of yawns." Translation? Yawnin... Read More

How to Yawn #4

Extended yawning is closely related to Kriya Yoga. Slower breathing correlates with longer life. It also increases the consciousness to ENJOY a longer life, making a longer life longer than its years. <> Paramhansa Yogananda (Autobiography of a Yogi, 1946) wrote ... "Many illustration... Read More

How to Yawn #3

What if yawning is both a sign and a therapy for the following conditions? According to The Breathing Clinic & Wellness Centre ... "Can yawning be a sign of disease? "If you experience unexplained, excessive yawning and excessive daytime sleepiness, it is recommended that you consult your G... Read More

How to Yawn #2

Extending a yawn has therapeutic effects. So does sighing, yawning's little brother. <> M. Foster, M.D. (A Text Book of Physiology, Sixth Edition, 1895) wrote ... "Sighing is a deep and long-drawn inspiration, chiefly through the nose, followed by a somewhat shorter, but correspondingly ... Read More

How to Yawn #1

Who doesn't know how to yawn? Well, there's yawning for beginners and there's yawning for virtuosos. The average yawn for human beings lasts only six seconds. Yogis consider that pathetic. So does a Pomeranian pup named Bella. <> Ashley Geiken ("Pomeranian Breaks Record for Longest... Read More