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Fork to Mouth Disease

Re: If we have Yellow Fat Disease, how do we start dismantling it? Which is your best resource to start with? Simple steps? Easy as pie. Only one step. Minimize omega 3 fatty acids. It IS more complicated if you're in a hospital or nursing home being fed through a tube. The complicated vers... Read More

Protein + Glucose #2

Protein poisoning is caused by excessive protein minus carbs and fat. Drinking too much water makes a bad situation worse. <> Elmer Verner McCollum (The Newer Knowledge of Nutrition: The Use of Food for the Preservation of Vitality and Health, 1922) wrote ... "When the animals were chang... Read More

Protein + Glucose

Meat by itself drops blood sugar. Ditto eggs. <> According to Ray Peat (Dec. 18, 2012) ... "Eating protein by itself can cause a big surge of cortisol. Preceding the protein with some carbohydrate makes the protein go farther, otherwise under the influence of cortisol a lot of protein is us... Read More

Omega 3 Conspiracy

If linolenic acids (omega 3 fatty acids) are so "good" for us, why are corporations competing to remove them from soybeans? They autoxidize (peroxidize) too quickly, that's why. <> Monsanto and Pioneer are the leading contenders in the global low linolenic (LL) soybean and soy oil markets. ... Read More

Gas Into Mass

Fat is 84% carbon dioxide (CO2) and 16% water (H2O). The beaker boys know we lose over 90% of our fat by EXHALING it as gas and water vapor. They don't know we can gain our fat back simply by INHALING. Adding nitrogen through the mouth combines to build muscle. <> It's hard for over-b... Read More