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Blood In Her Urine

"I have blood in my urine," Helen (not her real name) said. "I've been told it's because of my running." "How far do you run?" I asked. "About a mile every day." "No way! You'd have to be running marathons to get blood in your urine." So, why was blood in her urine? Thanks to Mind Hac... Read More

Conserving Voice Energy

According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) ... "Talking wastes trace elements." Calvin Coolidge, nicknamed Silent Cal and The Sphinx of the Potomac, must have been onto something. <> Ramana Maharshi explained ... "The highest form of Grace is silence (mouna). Guru's silence is the lo... Read More

Entrancement Is the Rule

According to Professor G.S. Wines ... "When I was in Boston recently [1895 or 1896] I met a man who said that no one could hypnotize him. I told him that was highly probable, even if it were not necessarily true. Suddenly I turned and looked him full in the eye for a minute. "He was hypnotized... Read More

Do Not Go Gently!

What Medical Nemesis calsl “comas,” “vegetative states,” and “minimal consciousness” are actually conscious states. When unplugging such a person from life support, just make sure you don’t discuss it in their presence. They might be frightened to death before being unplugged. ... Read More