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How to Yawn #14

Can you yawn your fat away? Does Grizzly Adams have a beard? Does the Pope wear a funny hat? Does a pigeon's bum pucker in a power dive? <> Science is slowly catching up to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty), who taught me (and others) the Science of Constriction/Dilation. According to... Read More

How to Yawn #13

Yawning is the Earth Breath, a reflex of the first endocrine acceleration, Matter acting on Matter. Sputtering is the Water Breath, a reflex of the second endocrine acceleration, Energy acting on Matter. Sniffing is the Fire Breath, a reflex of the third endocrine acceleration, Consciousness a... Read More

How to Yawn #12

Re: How does deep yawning affect carbon dioxide/oxygen levels? And then, what follows from that? According to the beaker boys, yawning doesn't affect carbon dioxide/oxygen levels, but their research is superficial. Spontaneous yawning was investigated, not Deep and/or Extended Intentional Yawn... Read More

How to Yawn #11

Why is heartburn more common among the elderly and pregnant? Perhaps if the elderly would stretch and yawn more often they wouldn't be so elderly anymore. Yawning and stretching won't make a pregnant woman less pregnant, but it will relieve her heartburn. "Elderly" is often a code word for ... Read More

How to Yawn #10

Gas pressure works locally as well as systemically. Take the case of heartburn — Vomiting Lite. <> What happens when we vomit? Gas pressure causes retroperistalsis (the reverse of peristalsis), traveling all the way from the middle of the small intestine into the toilet (hopefully, not... Read More