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Do Fats Make You Fat?

Fats don't make you fat. Drink two quarts of olive oil (15,232 calories) a day and see for yourself how much weight you've gained. If you think that's silly, look at the nuances and the Pandora's box this opens up. The Devil is in the details not mentioned in "the speed of science" PubMed. If ... Read More

Acquired Diseases

Most diseases are acquired. We are organic acquisition departments. Diseases are acquired, not desired. The most difficult thing to give up is our pain, not our happiness. Many philosophers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and gurus have explained WHY. Q — This book opens many doors ... "Compl... Read More

Soil “Works” Better

According to Gary Matsuoka ("The Most Important Component of Your Garden: Soil," YouTube, Apr. 6, 2019) ... "Soil is essentially mineral, and the soils that are being promoted are essentially totally organic. Generally, they're chopped up plants or chopped up trees that have been decomposing for ... Read More

Compost Turns Into Muck

According to Gary Matsuoka ... "Plants have always grown in sand, silt and clay. The highest organic content in soil in Nature is less than 3 percent. For centuries, sand (or nearly pure sand) has been the container substrate of choice. Just in the last generation or so have nurserymen been tryin... Read More