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CO2 & the Diamond Body

According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) ... "Carbon dioxide is suffused throughout you. It is excess gas but the necessary principle within you." "Carbon dioxide controls death and eternal functioning." "The carbon dioxide in a baby's first dump is a print-out of the life's karma." "... Read More

Adano & the Master Of Taan

Some folks think Swami Nadabrahmananda (1896-1993) was the greatest Nāda Yogi (Master of Taan) of all time (or, at least, modern time). Taan is the Yogic science of vocal and anatomical vibration. <> Swami Nadabrahmananda had the unique ability to emit sound from almost anywhere on or in h... Read More

Gourmet Pond Scum?

Re: Are there any sources of "clean" Spirulina that you can recommend? Besides benefiting recovery from cancer, are there any other particular conditions that Spirulina is especially good for? On-the-scene observation is the only way to know for sure how "clean" or "pure" any product is. The l... Read More

Yawning Is Acceleration

Yawning is "above" arm and leg movements. So is vocalization, swallowing, sucking, sneezing, and drooling. If you yawn and the person next to you sneezes, notify David Icke as soon as possible. <> Constant velocity in the same direction means no acceleration. Velocity changes when you... Read More