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Growth Zone 3 + 1

12:30-1:00 a.m. is a Transition Time. Evening Growth Zone 3 foods can be combined with Morning Growth Zone 1 foods. A chocolate pineapple cake made with rice flour is an example. Or a pińa colada made with 100% agave tequila added to pineapple and coconut juices. Or a juice made by blendin... Read More

Growth Zone Three

Growth Zone Three foods are evening foods. All foods that grow underground or live or swim in the sea are best eaten between 6:30 p.m-1:00 a.m. That's six-and-a-half hours — from the final half-hour of Kidney Time to the beginning of Liver Time. <> Growth Zone Three foods evolved out o... Read More

Growth Zones 2 + 3

6:30-7:00 p.m. is a Transition Time.It's like Growth Zone Two meets Growth Zone Three and they have a party. <> A tuna sandwich on rye bread with red onion and a dill pickle is an example. Or a hamburger with french fries. Or steak, potatoes, and garlic <> A Transition Time is also... Read More

Growth Zone Two

Growth Zone Two foods are midday foods. All foods that grow on vines, grasses, and bushes are best eaten between 11:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m. That's seven-and-a-half hours. <> Growth Zone Two foods evolved out of the UNDERSTORY level of the three habitat zones of the forest ecology … 1) Mor... Read More

Growth Zones 1 + 2

11:30 a.m.-12:00 noon is a Transition Time. It's like Growth Zone One meets Growth Zone Two and they have a party. <> A Transition Time is also called a Bridge Time. Or a Phase-In Time. Morning foods and midday foods can be combined. <> There are three Transition Times ... 1)... Read More