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Baking Soda Assault

Baking soda (and to a lesser extent soda pop) is an undiagnosed cause of heart attacks — the stomach puts a wrestling head-squeeze on the heart. You could call it a real estate boundary line dispute. <> Flaky feet are commonly caused by the (1) regular or (2) improper use of baking soda. ... Read More

Oxygen Kills

It's the "oxygen paradox." Oxygen is necessary for life, but responsible for aging and death via "free radicals" ... 1) superoxide anion radical 2) singlet oxygen 3) hydroxyl radical 4) perhydroxyl radical These "four biological horsemen of the Apocalypse" are collectively called r... Read More

The Wandering Neck

Say someone doesn't get along with their father or any other male. When Mind Hacking them (prone on the carpet or massage table), they will often move their head AWAY from the LEFT side by rotating their neck. Say they don't get along with their mother or any other female. Now they often mo... Read More