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Cognitive Mind Hacking

There are no emotional traumas. The emotions are the tools and the THOUGHTS are the tool-wielders. Thoughts tell ya what you're gonna do with that box cutter or kitchen knife. <> MIND HACKING measures subconscious motor movements that are anything but subtle. In plainer words, these m... Read More

Perfect Immunity

Re: I have heard that the reason a thing is a certain color is because that is the part of the spectrum it does not absorb but reflects. Yep. According to "Dr. Google" (my way of being too lazy to attribute a source) ... "The colors we see are the wavelengths that are reflected or transmitted.... Read More

Best Protein?

Re: What sources do you recommend for protein? Best? Protein Efficiency Rating (PER) was the only way protein was measured when I first entered the health food store business. PER wasn't accurate (except possibly for rat nutrition). Next came Biological Value (BV). BV wasn't accurate. It... Read More

Color Corruption

It there were no color, an ice cube would not melt. Color is entropy and its etymology derives from Hell (Held) — what the Yogis call the Dome of Many Colors (The Matrix). <> The aura is our prison (PRISM). We can be PRISM-ers of Crayola. Why do Crips wear blue? Why do Bloods wear r... Read More

Iron Versus Calcium

Re: I see we should not combine iron and calcium. Would it be best to have meat alone and then milk and cheese a few hours later within midday time? Yes, you might eat meat at the second hour of Heart Time (12:00 noon-1:00 p.m.) and milk and cheese at Small Intestine Time (1:00-3:00 p.m.). <> ... Read More