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Body Dowsing the Liver

Anger is stored in the liver. The liver is the cornerstone of longevity. The medulla oblongata is the capstone of longevity. The heart is the touchstone of longevity. <> Anger is the rage to live. Anger is controlled rage — courage. <> The spleen shouts, "I'm as mad as hell... Read More

How to Yawn #17

Holistic Stretching (simultaneous yawning and stretching) defends against (among other things) neurotoxins such as serotonin and estrogen. Neurotoxins? Serotonin is a poison that acts on the nervous system? Estrogen too? <> Ray Peat ("Serotonin, depression, and aggression: The problem of... Read More

How to Yawn #16

Let's talk common horse sense. Andrew Ferguson Fraser (The Behaviour and Welfare of the Horse, 2010) wrote ... "This stretching phenomenon is termed pandiculation in human medicine. This stationary activity is vital to a foal's growth and joint correctness. It has as much effect on tendons, bo... Read More