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The Law of Three (2 of 3)

According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) ... "Cellular mastery is the ability to hold focus on three forces at once. A Swami is a master of self, a master of the cells." "Cellular mastery is enlightenment." "The circle manifests as three forces. Time is circular and triune in Nature." ... Read More

The Law of Three (1 of 3)

Yes No Maybe is the Law of Three. Gurdjieff called it the Sacred Law of Triamazikamno. <> According to G (his students called Gurdjieff "G") ... "Three-brained beings have the possibility personally to perfect themselves, because in them there are localized three centers of their common ... Read More

Viruses Have Skillz

Viruses cell-surf. In a field filled with antelopes, lions don't share the same meal. Neither do viruses because they know the difference between an infected cell, a semi-infected cell, and a completely infected cell. Even a semi-human sheep-bot can tell that difference, and "it" (a sheep-b... Read More