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Back to the Beginning

1913 was a pivotal year in world history. In the United States alone, the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, sanctioning the Federal government to collect income taxes on ALL sources of income; the Federal Reserve System was created; the Revenue Act of 1913 re-imposed the feder... Read More

Birds Over Bugs

"President Biden celebrates son Hunter's 54th birthday at LA hotspot [The Ivy] with big hug" — New York Post I checked out the menu on the internet. There are lobsters, caviar, crab cakes, and organic guava sorbet, but no bugs. Bugs are for the birds and us peasants. <> Pioneers used t... Read More

Voice Over Weather

The Elemental Song worked again. It was pouring when the time came to feed the landlords' cats, so we sang it, and the rain immediately downgraded to a drizzle. After the cats were fed, it started raining harder than before. As a side benefit, The Elemental Song also fixed our YouTube ... since i... Read More

Lights Out!

When the Sun sneezes, the Earth catches a cold. The Global Surveillance State and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) might be countered by Sol Invictus (without any help from Joe Pesci). <> Kay Smythe ("'100% Probability' Major Global Catastrophe Destroys All Technology, Dennis Quaid Expl... Read More