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Prostate Cancer

Re: Black men were diagnosed with prostate cancer more than 50 percent the national average per 100,000 people. Why? Black men get tested earlier ... and get "treated" earlier ... and get lousier "treatment." <> According to aging dot com ... "Observation: Sometimes the best treatment... Read More

Grapes In the Stomach

Grape cure? It can work miracles, but stick to grape juice, not grapes or grape wine ... or chew your grapes exceedingly well. Some of today's grapes might be more digestible than their wild grape forebears. <> William Beaumont, M.D. (Experiments and Observations on the Gastric Juice, and t... Read More

Resurrecting a Revici Lab

My approach differs from Dr. Lynne August's approach to Revici. I love how much Dr. August admires and respects Revici. Her approach is to tell the world about his genius. He's the Tesla of Medicine; the Einstein of Medicine. But then she retreats into her little office cubicle out of sight... Read More

Men Left, Women Right

Re: Is not the feminine left and the masculine right hand side? Only in the imaginations of Western psychologists, Polarity Therapists, and patriarchal cultures — the same jokers who think the mutable Moon is feminine and the all-powerful Sun is masculine. Anyone capable of using MIND HACKIN... Read More