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Generation of Vipers

Philip Wylie shaped my life early on. Philip Wylie's Opus 21 was my Bible back in the early 1960s. Its full title was Opus 21: Descriptive Music for the Lower Kinsey Epoch of the Atomic Age, A Concerto for a One-Man Band, Six Arias for Soap Operas, Fugues, Anthems, & Barrelhouse, 1949. I hi... Read More

Sour From Sweet

According to The Western Druggist (May, 1887) ... "It is one of the marvels of chemistry that the sourest substance with which we are familiar is made from the sweetest." According to the same source ... "The value of vinegar as a condiment depends on the fact that acetic acid dissolves gel... Read More

A Salty Tale

Sodium chloride with no additives is ideal, according to Ray Peat. We buy Diamond Crystal Pure and Natural Kosher Salt.We use iodide-free and mineral-free salt since we get enough iodide and minerals in our whole food. Yes, we eat whole food, not part food, fast food, lab food, or processed fo... Read More

Omega 3 Antinutrients

Q — It's amazing how many people on the planet believe that they must take omega 3 for their health. A — And the most amazing thing is how easy it is to prove that omega 3 fatty acids are one of the worst antinutrients for your health. They always lead to Yellow Fat Disease to a slower or qui... Read More