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Linguistic Blue & More

Q — Years ago, following a fascinating read of "Through the Language Glass," I contacted the author and asked for a video explaining his elaboration on why the color blue was absent as a linguistic concept in early human expression. Atom Bergstrom may want to hear Guy Deutscher’s take on blue ..... Read More

Tweaking Digestion

Walking after eating was formally called "taking a postprandial stroll." Walking after breakfast, lunch, and dinner fosters digestion by (1) heating the stomach and (2) intermixing the food in the stomach (think of the "poor little man in the pail" as a slow-motion washing machine). The stomac... Read More

Chromaffin Cells

The phenylalalnine- and tyrosine-saturated adrenal glands and chromaffin cells throughout the body control everything from cholesterol to tanning to pregnancy to aging. Progeria (premature aging) is an adrenal malfunction. Chromaffin cells in children are especially numerous at the bifurcation... Read More

Classroom Iconoclast

I love the taste of meat, but till I can eat dogs and cats and moles, I'm abstaining. I look into their effing eyes and I see myself. That's a bad trait for a soldier, according to James Jones in a book that intrigued me in my teens — From Here to Eternity. <> Reading books in high sch... Read More