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Not Rocket Science

Re: Your Mind Hacking is more like measuring heart rate or pupil reflexes that does not require the therapist testing skill and awareness of complicating factors to monitor against various challenges by foods, supplements, or thoughts and emotions. Heart rate and pupil reflexes are far too compli... Read More

Orders of Magnitude

The body is HIERARCHIC, constructed of "levels, entities, and constituents parts." Looking for cancer is like "Where's Waldo?" When someone "acquires" cancer, it's NOT in the genes. So where is it? Is it in the organelles, cytoplasm, interstitial fluids, organs, or has it gone systemic? ... Read More

Hierarchic Organization

The human body is a Russian Nesting Doll. Progress "toward higher entities is accomplished by an increase in complexity rather than only in size," according to Dr. Emanuel Revici. Hierarchic Organization and Succession are only vague concepts to mainstream chemists, pharmacists, and doctors. ... Read More

Prostate Cancer

Re: Black men were diagnosed with prostate cancer more than 50 percent the national average per 100,000 people. Why? Black men get tested earlier ... and get "treated" earlier ... and get lousier "treatment." <> According to aging dot com ... "Observation: Sometimes the best treatment... Read More