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Sugar To the Rescue!

Ray Peat ("Sugar issues," 2012) wrote ... "Experimental evidence shows that polyunsaturated (omega-3) fats retard fetal brain development, and that sugar promotes it. These facts argue against some of the currently popular ideas of the evolution of the human brain based on ancestral diets of fish... Read More

Vitamin D In X-Rays?

Over 100 years ago, rickets and its accompanying tetany (uncontrolled muscle spasms) were treated by four main methods ... 1) exposure to sunlight 2) cod liver oil 3) exposure to a mercury vapor quartz lamp 4) exposure to ionizing radiation <> Well, how much vitamin D is contained ... Read More

Green Soapy Stones

Folks think they can vacuum out their gall bladder with a purge. They think those bile-stained "soap stones" cascading into the toilet are gallstones or even "liver stones." Health is a lifestyle, not an engine flush. <> The chemical composition of these fake gallstones has been known an... Read More