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Guru Nanak, Son Of Man

Guru Nanak (1469-1539) vigorously denied he was of Divine origin. He also refused the title of Prophet. He denied the existence of Avatars. But, just as you can't be born without a mother, Nanak maintained a Guru is necessary for God-realization. <> Guru Nanak denounced spiritual teac... Read More

Ear Rocks & Brain Sand

Re: Does fluoride calcify the pineal gland? No way, no day, René. Exactly the opposite. That's an Old Doctors' Tale that's been commandeered by the New Age Facebook community. <> Fluoride causes "a decrease in the availability of free calcium ions in the mineralization environment." ... Read More

Brown Bowel Disease

Excess fish oil can paint the intestines black, and melanin is not the culprit. It can even happen all the way from the front end to the rear end (stem to stern). The culprits are omega-3 fatty acids, especially the ones from algae and fish oil. <> Brown Bowel Syndrome (intestinal lipofu... Read More