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Many Cancer “Cures”

According to Ray Peat ... "The gene mutation theory of cancer is sustained by a broader mystique of 'genetics' in our culture." If Dr. Emanuel Revici were alive, he'd agree wholeheartedly. Genes are a "way station" between the lowest level of hierarchic organization and the highest level. ... Read More

Instant Paralysis

Marty and Linda introduced me to a couple who were house-sitting. It was a sunny Sedona morning, and we all had coffee together. The wife (let's call her June) was a recent caregiver to a well-known Sedona guru before he died. June asked me what I did for a living, and I told her I traveled... Read More

Cognitive Mind Hacking

There are no emotional traumas. The emotions are the tools and the THOUGHTS are the tool-wielders. Thoughts tell ya what you're gonna do with that box cutter or kitchen knife. <> MIND HACKING measures subconscious motor movements that are anything but subtle. In plainer words, these m... Read More

Perfect Immunity

Re: I have heard that the reason a thing is a certain color is because that is the part of the spectrum it does not absorb but reflects. Yep. According to "Dr. Google" (my way of being too lazy to attribute a source) ... "The colors we see are the wavelengths that are reflected or transmitted.... Read More