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One World Order

Re: They can't make it a law, only a strong suggestion as I understand it. It's a strong suggestion with a $250 fine for not obeying the strong suggestion. Does that mean no jail when you refuse to pay the fine? Or when you get caught not wearing a mask 22 times? $5,500? When a warrant i... Read More

Salamander Technique

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) described four ways to die. <> 1) Phoenix Technique ... die and decompose. 2) Butterfly Technique ... die and not decompose. 3) Salamander Technique ... die and you take your body with you. 4) Star Trek Technique ... materialize and demateria... Read More

CO2 & Lung Ventilation

Masks in the daytime can cause a heart attack. To revive a heart attack victim at daytime, massage the pulmonary vein. <> Masks in the evening can prevent a heart attack. To revive a heart attack victim at night, massage the pulmonary artery. <> According to Vibrant Gal ... "So ... Read More

Thermal Snooping

Ruth Farnsworth ("Two Goleta companies behind temperature check device launched Tuesday at LAX," KEYT, Jun. 23, 2020) wrote ... "A temperature check pilot program launched Tuesday targeting travelers at the Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. "The Enhanced Body Temperature (EBT) Screeni... Read More

The Quantum Hive Mind

According to Ray Peat (One Radio Network, Jun. 15, 2020) ... "Stay alert. Things are going to get worse." <> Re: USA or worldwide? The U.S. owns most of the world, including Australia (but China is now disputing the fact). <> According to Pam Popper ("We Must Stand United!," Jun. 1... Read More