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Cancer Resonance Geometry

Cancer has been cured by hypnosis or psychotherapy or a combination of both. Helen Flanders Dunbar (Emotions and Bodily Changes: A Survey of Literature on Psychosomatic Interrelationships 1910-1953, Fourth Edition, 1935, 1954) wrote ... "There are some reports in the literature of disappearanc... Read More

Who Caused Your Cancer?

The point of my recent Sun Sync blog "Many Cancer 'Cures'" (Apr. 28, 2022) was that there are several thousand cancer cures — opposed to one another — that WORK. All of them have produced successful healing, otherwise why would anyone be promoting them? What do they all have in common? ... Read More

Many Cancer “Cures”

According to Ray Peat ... "The gene mutation theory of cancer is sustained by a broader mystique of 'genetics' in our culture." If Dr. Emanuel Revici were alive, he'd agree wholeheartedly. Genes are a "way station" between the lowest level of hierarchic organization and the highest level. ... Read More