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Supplementing With Smog

Nitric oxide damages the lungs and the brain. Instead of supplementing with NO — like certain misled "experts" urge you to do — visit downtown Los Angeles and inhale deeply. "Smog is distillate of disappointed starlets' teardrops," according to former KFWB DJ Bill Balance. Oh, I forgot.... Read More

The Enemy Within

Our prison planet is ruled by James Bond supervillains. Capitalism as we know it spawned these totalitarian scumbags from Satan's loins. Free enterprise is not capitalism. Far from it. Tell the Truth and shame the Devil. <> John Adams, a Founding Father and the second President of the... Read More

There Is No Spoon

According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) ... "The eyes constantly oscillate, otherwise reality would disappear." <> "There is no spoon," says the little boy to Neo in The Matrix movie. "Reality" is your own residual self-image. What is "real" is merely electrical signals interprete... Read More