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Healing Childhood Engrams

Re: How best to unlearn something learnt that just isn't so? Things with names such as "mnemetic excitation" and "successive engraphic stimulation" make it VERY difficult. How long does it take an average person to unlearn how to type on a keyboard or unlearn driving a car? The Jesuits alle... Read More

Specific Engram History

Re: All my health ailments are on my right side. What are your thoughts? The back of the right side indicates male Cognitive Shocks. The front of the right side indicates female Cognitive Shocks. Body Dowsing's Cornerstone Technique only measures the front of the right side. <> Body D... Read More

Body Dowsing For the Few?

Re: I got the book a while back! I guess i need a child friendly version! Is there another video (other than the one you linked here)? We'll be making another video soon. It takes practice to Body Dowse — after all, I discovered it "accidentally" while doing Foot Reflexology." Once you feel ... Read More