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Medical Police State

We've been living in a Medical Police State since the 1970s. <> Re: That’s all? I would think it’s been longer, so basically my entire life. And yet the masses of fear-driven slaves have no idea. Medical Nemesis didn't METASTASIZE till the 1970s, but the American Medical Association and... Read More

Abdominal Policemen

Be kind to your omenta, and your omenta will be kind to you. The greater and lesser omenta "float" on top of your intestines. <> Nathaniel Scharping ("The Omentum: A Curtain of Tissue That Keeps Our Guts Working: The omentum is a curtain of fatty tissue that hangs down from our stomach and ... Read More

Slow Wave Delta Power

The Father of Neurofeedback (Dr. Joe Kamiya) trained people to play The Star Spangled Banner with their alpha/theta brainwaves. But he didn't master DELTA. <> Dr. Barbara B. Brown (1921–1999) coined the word "biofeedback." She could teach the average person to control a single specific ce... Read More