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Lipofuscin In the Gut

The name "Yellow Fat Disease" is misleading. Lipofuscin is the disease's insoluble coloring matter, and yellowish-brown is commonly associated with it. But lipofuscin comes in many colors, including orange, reddish-brown, brown, and black. <> J.C. Sloper, M.C. Barrett, & T.A. Partridge (... Read More

Lipofuscin Degeneration

ALL LIVING TISSUE is susceptible to Yellow Fat Disease, including bees, ants, fish, alligators, bears, cats, dogs, mink, pigs, chickens, horses, and human beings. OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS are the prime culprits — DHA, EPA, ALA, etc. They transform metal complexes into molecular attack weapons. ... Read More

CO2 & Respiratory Alkalosis

According to The Lancet, Sept. 17, 1988 ... "The effect of adding CO2 to inhaled air in six subjects with acute mountain sickness was investigated during a medical expedition to 5400 m.3% CO2 in ambient air increased ventilation and resulted in a rise in PaO2 of between 24% and 40%. There was a 9... Read More